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Apple Macbook Battery Replacement Dubai

Why does my MacBook run out of battery quickly?

Apple laptops are famous for their long battery life, in new models, this figure reaches 17-20 hours. Agree, the term is quite solid. This is very convenient if you often use your laptop while traveling, working outside your home or office. Nevertheless, quite a few MacBook owners complain about their quick discharge. As a rule, this does not happen with new equipment, but after some time, the problem gets worse. At the same time, the laptop can "sit down" not only during work but even while in sleep mode. We understand the reasons and methods of solution.

MacBook battery age and life

The first thing to remember is that battery life will deplete over time. With each new recharge cycle, the capacity of the battery decreases, as does the operating time. Recall that according to the manufacturer, the life of the Mac battery is limited to 1000 recharge cycles. This is a natural process that is difficult to combat. If the laptop is old enough, you will need to replace the MacBook battery, which you can order from our Apple Pro service center.

Here are some tips to avoid accelerated battery wear:

  1. Use only original Apple power adapters and cords to charge your MacBook. Cheap counterfeits can negatively affect the "health" of the battery and lead to its rapid failure.
  2. Even if you are constantly working on the network, it is worth sometimes disconnecting the laptop from the charger and letting it run out. This way we use the battery, avoiding “downtime” in its work.
  3. Do not use your laptop in cold or extreme heat. In cold and hot environments, the battery can lose its charge much faster.
  4. Order cleaning your MacBook from dust in time, this will help avoid overheating and problems in the operation of the cooling system.

Custom settings

The correct power settings will help extend the battery life:

  • Go to System Preferences and in the Power Saving item, check the box next to "Automatic graphics switching".
  • Disable Bluetooth connectivity while the computer is sleeping. Go to System Preferences> Bluetooth> Advanced. Uncheck "Allow Bluetooth devices to wake up this computer".
  • Do not neglect to keep your macOS system up to date. In some cases, it will be justified to completely reinstall the operating system, you can order such a service in our service.

Finally, we draw your attention to such a dangerous phenomenon as the swelling of the MacBook battery. This manifests itself in a significant increase in the volume of one or more battery cells. In severe cases, they can damage the case, motherboard, trackpad, and other parts of the computer. If you suspect that the battery is swollen, contact our service center for free diagnostics and repair of MacBooks in Dubai UAE.


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