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Epson Printer Repair Dubai (On-site Repair Service )

Epson Printer Repair Dubai

The main focus of our company is

Printer repair on-site, in the office, or at home. In special, difficult cases, our master will take the printer.

• Refueling cartridges at the exit (from 3 cartridges). Cost from the cartridge, depending on the cartridge model.

The market for printer repair services is quite wide, but the so-called masters often "bred" a client for money without doing any work. If your printer is working properly, then Our master will not take money from you for the repair of a fictitious malfunction, but will only issue a small invoice for departure,

Why do we repair printers on-site?

• This allows you to reduce the cost of transportation and storage of the printer;

• This allows the client to control the scope of the wizard.

Often, the wizard taking the printer for repair "exaggerate" the problems the printer has, deliberately delaying the time, because the client does not see what was done with the printer. So the unfortunate customers of such companies are forced to accept inflated prices, thereby overpaying for repairs.

We take printers to your place only in very rare cases when it is impossible to solve the problem otherwise. The only repair of 1 printer out of 100 needs transportation.

We carry out the repair of any laser and inkjet printers. And also we carry out the repair of printing mechanisms of copying equipment, faxes, and other office equipment.

Our experts will also help you install refillable cartridges and Toner.