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Printer Repair Service Dubai

Repairing printers in Dubai with the help of professionals will quickly save you from such a problem as grabbing several sheets of paper.

Often, users of printers Samsung, Xerox and others are faced with the problem of picking up extra sheets of paper when printing. Experts recommend trying to print on paper of a different quality or format, flipping through the paper before putting it into the printer, and eliminating high humidity in the room and, as a result, sticking of sheets.

If there are no trivial reasons such as flat paper or improper weight (properties) of paper, consider the option of malfunction. The problem may lie in the number of pages that have already been printed - that is, in the elementary wear of individual components of the equipment.

If your Samsung or Xerox printer picks up paper sheet by sheet, signals a jam, failure of the electromagnetic clutch, a qualified technician can accurately diagnose the problem. You should resort to such a service as printer diagnostics in Dubai, in particular - offered by our service center.

Among the possible causes of a malfunction in the printer is the need to repair or replace the paper pick-up shaft, dirt or wear on the brake pad, breakage of the spindle (sleeve) on the roller. Also, the capture of a large amount of paper can be associated with the presence of a strip of injection molding on the paper pad - it should be eliminated. In some cases, it is enough to clean the contaminated components of the equipment with special means (alcohol-containing liquids are not always suitable for this).

Professional replacement of worn parts is quick and always affordable. Faced with such problems, immediately contact specialists: high-quality repair of printers, timely replacement of worn-out units extends the life of the equipment and ensures its smooth operation