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Experienced in MacBook, IMAC Repair Services
Did you know that a significant part of our business involves repairing and servicing Apple
computers and devices?
Apple machines can present problems for your typical opened-eighteen-months-ago side street
computer repair store. Even their desktop machines like the iMac (consumer Macintosh) line
are more like a laptop when it comes to repairing, due to their tightly-packed, closely-
integrated all-in-one design. This is not something that every random shop can handle. Do
these people even know anything about macOS and OS X, let alone what goes on inside your
Mac- or your iPhone, for that matter?
We know all the above and more because we've been working on Apple devices for years.
We were one of the first companies in UAE TECH to offer MacBook repair services, and more
recently also among the first to offer IMAC repairs. (Actually, one of our technicians was among
the first in Scotland to own an iMac, full stop!)
So… who do you trust with your Apple?

UAE TECH for Apple Mac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Retina, iMac, Mac
Pro and more

Why Choose Us for Your iMac Repair?
The Apple iMac series are generally great machines. However, their all-in-one nature makes
them closer in design- and repair- terms to a laptop computer than a traditional desktop PC.
This not only makes it impractical for most home users to fix them, but it also makes things
hard for some lesser repair centers who lack the Apple-centric knowledge and experience many
such repairs need.
Why risk your expensive iMac with them, when Dundee's trusted Apple experts at Disc Depot
can do it all for you at an extremely competitive price?
Our technicians are Apple fans, and knowledgeable about several generations of the iMac,
including all the Intel-based models since 2006 (including Intel Core 2, Core i3, Core i5, and Core
i7) and even the older PowerPC-based versions.
List of iMac Repairs and Upgrades
We offer a wide range of Apple iMac repairs, including:-
Apple iMac Display/Screen Replacement
Apple iMac SSD Drive and Hard Drive Replacement
Apple iMac Data Recovery (for damaged hard drives, etc.)
Apple iMac PSU Replacement (power supply)
Apple iMac Logic Board Replacement
Or why not let us upgrade your iMac at incredibly affordable prices:-
Apple iMac SSD Drive and Hard Drive Upgrade – Improve your iMac's storage capacity and
increase its power

Apple iMac SuperDrive / Optical Drive (CD/DVD) Upgrade (where applicable in older models)
Apple iMac RAM Upgrade – Another way to quickly and inexpensively improve your iMac's
power significantly
Apple iMac Mouse and Keyboard Replacement and Upgrade
These are just lists of the more common repairs we can carry out- we don't have space to list
every single one. So if the service or upgrade you want for your iMac isn't shown, don't worry!
Simply ask at our Dundee or St Andrews store, over the telephone or via our contact form.
Whatever part of Dundee, St Andrews or the surrounding areas you live in (including Angus, Tay
side, Perth, and Fife), you can bring your iMac to us, and we'll take a look at it. We'll always let
you know about any potential charges before going ahead, and we'll keep you informed
regarding work to be carried out.
Apple Mac Repair – iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Retina, Xserve, Mac
Pro, and others
We also offer installation, upgrade, and software repair services for the models listed above
(including software-related macOS / OS X and iOS-related issues). We're comfortable with just
about everything Apple!

We're the experts in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch repair for Tay side and North Fife!

Visit Our Specialist Apple Site for More Details
For more in-depth information on our Apple services, take a look at our specialist site at
WWW.UAETECH.AE It includes all the Apple-related services and products available through
our UAE TECH store, as well as those offered
Cracked Display Repair for your Apple MacBook
It happens to most laptop Mac and Apple Macintosh owners sooner or later- damage to the
screen. It's horrible when it happens to your most treasured MacBook, MacBook Retina,
MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.
Often, due to damage, it happens that you get a cracked screen or a smashed screen in your
Mac laptop and if there's a glass panel covering the screen, that often gets it as well.
Fortunately, there are local repair centers in DUBAI and that can replace the damaged screen
on your Mac laptop at a reasonable price.
We know how and where to source replacement panels for Apple Mac laptops at a price that
repairs- rather than a replacement or your computer- worthwhile. This even applies to newer
models with the high-end Retina display!
(If your screen isn't cracked, just dim or blank, it might not even need expensive replacement –

Get Your Apple Mac Mini Repaired in DUBAI

If you're an Apple Mac mini owner living in DUBAI or the surrounding areas (including Tay side,
Angus, and Fife), you'll be pleased to know that there's a local repair center you can rely on for
upgrades, repairs and software installations.
Wide Range of Repairs and Upgrades
Available repairs include:-
Mac mini SSD Drive and Hard Drive (Replacement and Data Recovery)
Mac mini Optical Drive Replacement (CD or DVD) and SuperDrive Replacement
Mac mini Power Supply Repair and Replacement
Mac mini Motherboard (Logic Board) Repair and Replacement
Available upgrades include:-
Mac mini SSD Drive and Hard Drive Upgrade – Increase the storage capacity of your Mac mini
Mac mini SuperDrive / Optical Drive (CD/DVD) Upgrade
Mac mini Memory Upgrade – Increase your Mac mini's performance with a memory boost!
Mac mini Keyboard and Mouse Upgrade and Replacement
If you don't see what you want above, feel free to contact us and ask what type of upgrade or
repair you want for your Mac mini. There's no charge for the basic inspection and diagnosis- if
we need to carry out more in-depth work, we'll always contact you to confirm any charges
Contact Us Today for your Mac Mini Repair
Contact us today- our address and telephone numbers are at the bottom of the page
Mac Pro Repair from Angus and Fife's Apple Experts
If you own one of Apple's high-end Mac Pro workstations, or a Mac Pro Server, and you need it
repaired, you've come to the right place. Mac Repair DUBAI is our service center- for all Apple
Mac users (including Mac Pro and Server owners). Find out why we should be your first choice
in Mac repairs or contact us to find out more.
We can even repair the aging (and long-discontinued) Xserve line!
Apple Mac Pro Repairs
We can handle a wide selection of repairs for your Apple Mac Pro. These include:-
Mac Pro SSD Drive Replacement and Hard Drive Replacement
Mac Pro Data Recovery (for damaged hard drives, etc.)
Mac Pro PSU Replacement (power supply)
Mac Pro Logic Board Replacement
Apple Mac Pro Upgrades
If you are looking for upgrades to your Mac Pro, we can offer those too, and at a very
competitive price:-
Mac Pro SSD Drive Upgrade and Hard Drive Upgrade – Improve your Mac Pro's storage capacity
and increase its power
Mac Pro SuperDrive / Optical Drive (CD/DVD) Upgrade
Mac Pro RAM Upgrade – Another way to quickly and inexpensively improve your Mac Pro's
power significantly

Mac Pro Mouse and Keyboard Replacement and Upgrade
The services listed above are merely a subset of those we can carry out- if you don't see your
requirements listed, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs!

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